Vitamin A (Sorry Cover) Food Science and nutrition and production FSC2034

This video is created by Segi University studentstr kota damansara. On Food Science, Nutrition, and Production subject (FSC2034) with Chef Fairuz as lecture.Singers: Sun maojia ( SUKD 1504242)Safura Nazlah ( SUKD 1601473)Song Writer:Vu Thi Hoang Anh (SUKD 1602142)Producer:StepibabySong on behind the scene:boom by majo lazerLyrics:Increase protection from bacterial and viral infectionHealthy immune and prevention of cancer growth in youVitamin A is so good for the treatment for measelsSo you are not good if you aint got vitamin A in you.If you want it you simply go get all by yourselfBy eating more carrots and sweet potato and tuna fish.So make it a drink and then drink all the drinks full of vitamin AElse you are not good if you aint got vitamin A in you.This is why you need vitamin ACause itsReally freakin goof for your bodyThis is why we need vitamin ACause if you stay without vitamin then am really sorry for you.

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