Top 10 Flight School Scams

Finding a trustworthy and honest flight school can be a challenge for any student pilot or potential aviator. That's why you need to be equipped with the knowledge it takes to make a wise flight school choice. Luckily, your friends at US Sport Flight Academy have assembled a list of the biggest pitfalls or scams that prospective pilots suffer from deceitful flight schools.US Sport Flight Academy presents... the top ten biggest flight school scams and pitfalls and how to avoid them!Did we miss one? Have you had a bad experience with a dishonest flight school? Let us know in the comments!Are you addicted to aviation?You’re not alone, and US Sport Flight Academy is here to help. Aviators Anonymous is a fictional 12 step program to turn your aviation addiction into a pilot license.The steps are simple:1) Admit that you are powerless over aviation.2) Believe that flying can restore your sanity.3) Decide to turn your will over to a flight instructor.4) Take a moral inventory; discover you are lost without aviation.5) Admit your faults, mainly that you are a non-pilot.6) Allow US Sport Flight Academy to remove this defect.7) Make a list of those you’ve driven in a car but not flown in an airplane, and make amends.8) Forgive yourself for not getting a pilot license sooner.9) Gain strength through connecting with your aviation family.10) Through hard work, meditation, and training, seek your pilot license.11) Have a spiritual awakening as the result of becoming a pilot.12) Carry the message to all non-pilots in hopes of saving them.Please note: In this video we use the term pilot “license” despite the fact that the correct term is “certificate.” This is because the average non-pilot might refer to getting their “pilot license” much like their “driver’s license.” It makes it a little easier to understand and maybe even a little bit less intimidating.This video is in no way intended to make light of anyone struggling with addiction. It is simply meant as a humorous approach to flight training.US Sport Aircraft and US Sport Flight Academy wholeheartedly support everyone who is in a recovery program trying to better themselves.We wish you all the best on your journey!------------------------------------------------------------------------US Sport Flight Academy is a branch of US Sport Aircraft. Since 2006, US Sport Aircraft has sold over 600 aircraft, trained over 4000 pilots, and revolutionized flight training in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. And that was just the beginning.With the tripling of our flight instruction team, addition of dozens of new programs, and acquisition of a brand new flight training facility at Addison Airport, we have created the new benchmark for modern and efficient flight training!At US Sport Flight Academy you can earn your sport, private, instrument, commercial, multi, CFI, CFII, MEI, and more! And the best part? A guaranteed interview upon completion of our CFI program. You’ll build time as a flight instructor until reaching airline minimums – that’s just 2 years from zero to airline pilot!A unique feature of flight training at US Sport Flight Academy is that we also offer unconventional programs such as aerobatic training, tail wheel training, upset recovery, and more! You name it, we teach it!We offer both self-paced and accelerated training at a fraction of the cost of competing flight schools, and you’ll be doing it in brand new to late-model aircraft. Forget those rusty broken down antiques they fly at those other schools! A wide variety of aircraft and advanced glass cockpit avionics for as low as $125 an hour can’t be beat anywhere else – guaranteed!Our team is here and ready to fly – give us a call and make your dreams become a reality!------------------------------------------------------------------------Cephelopod - Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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