Because Science, Eric’s TBD RPG, Crafting Comics, and More! (FOMO Fix w/Amy Vorpahl)

We’re going to spaaaaaace! This week, we’re chock full of space-o-rific goodies from a special Alien: Covenent episode of Because Science, to Eric’s TBD RPG taking a trek to the stars with Star Trek, and more! To watch Because Science: Alien Xenomorph Biology, watch on Tuesdays on Alpha ( ) and Thursdays on the Nerdist YouTube channel ( ! For Eric’s TBD RPG, watch on and Alpha on Fridays ( ) at Noon PDT! Crafting Comics just finished their first season! To take your comics from your thoughts, to paper, to the world, watch season 1 right now on Alpha! Gather Your Party and Robot Teammate collaborate every Friday at 7PM PDT on ! Nerdist News Talks Back to you every weekday at 1PM PDT on the Nerdist YouTube channel! ( Geek & Sundry is heading to Gen Con 50! Make your way over to Indianapolis, Indiana for all the geeky goodness on August 18! Head on over to for more info! Watch your favorites on Alpha! New users can register at for your 30-day free trial! Follow us!Nerdist - & Sundry - Chobot Navarro - Vorpahl - -

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